How I can Help

That’s great, but who’s asking if we should be doing that? Who is helping you to think through the question of “Why”?  That’s where I come in.  I get to be that annoying 3 year old that asks “Why, Why, Why?”  You say you want to do this, well why?  What about that is really good?  What about that are you trying to avoid or deal with and address? Ultimately, what we get down to is, we get to help you make informed decisions.  That’s really all this is about, is making informed decisions.  Because quite honestly, in most cases, with the few dramatic exceptions, there really aren’t right and wrong answers. There are answers that are informed decisions that you made, that you feel confident, that you’ve done the best you can do.  That’s a good decision!  Whether or not it winds up making you more or less money, well, time will tell that.  Whether or not it ends up making your family more or less happy and whole, again, time will tell.  We can help you make those informed decisions AND we can share with you all those decades of experience.

That brings us to the last role that I have and that is that I get to help you with one little thing, and it’s back to your high school psychology class.  You might remember the phase “Cognitive Dissonance”, the idea was I THINK I’m going left, I SAY I’m going left, but I’m actually going right.  Now I’m not saying left or right is correct, it’s just that you’re say you’re going one place and you’re ACTUALLY going someplace else.  So that’s where we get to wave our arms and say, hold it, wait a second, now wait a minute, go left or go right, but say where you’re going and go there.  Or go where you’re gonna go and say that’s where you’re going! But let’s not fool ourselves.  And that’s where we often come in.  When you combine your own knowledge of what you want to do, with the understanding of the likely effect of your choices, that’s when you get back to that end point decision.  So, that’s what we’re here for, that’s what this discussion is, what I do for a living, and that’s what this radio show is about is letting you get a little feel for what happens from the crossroads of business and family and maybe help you make a little more of an informed decision about, “Well I can do that… I didn’t realize that was an option!” “Oh, if I do that, it’s more likely to achieve this!”  “Well that’s good, well that’s bad.”  That’s where we live, Got Family.

I’m Carey Berger, and I look forward to seeing you again, this week and next week, and many weeks to come.