Got Family Quick Bits: Travel

Hello this is Got Family and I am Carey Berger and as the theme song says, we are talking this time about Johnny Cash and “I’ve Been Everywhere.” This is just about travel. What it means to travel for business. For those of you who do travel for your business, that list of cities, you may have your own list of them. It’s interesting because a lot of folks will have this perception of one of two things. They’ll either think, man your life must be some sort of dream you’re constantly traveling, on vacation, it must be wonderful, or they’ll have this idea your life must be some sort of hell. Constantly on the road and never home, it must be just terrible. Truth of the matter is, as those of you who travel know, it’s neither. It’s just life. It’s different. It is not the same as people who don’t, but it’s just your life. The same thing goes for those of us who are family business, whether we travel or not. Again, lots of folks have perceptions of a business owner that all of it must be wonderful because you are in control. Others say it must be terrible because you’re fully responsible and you don’t have anybody behind you. They’re both right and they’re both wrong and that is the reality. I guess my challenge for each of you out there who’s running your own business, whether it’s working with Mary Kay or Tupperware or whether it’s running a multimillion dollar company, either way my challenge to you would be if you get a chance for at least the people you care about, no you cannot do this for the random person on the street who wants to have their opinion you just you can’t fix their problems, but for the people you care about if you think it’s possible some of them are still working under the idea that your life is either all heaven or all heck, then if you get a chance let him understand that some parts of their job are really great and some parts of their job are not so great. Same goes for yours. It’s different things, but there’s still good parts and bad parts. And guess what? That’s what makes life work. The other part that goes along with that is the perception, oh you’re going to be rich you must be incredibly well off because you run your own business. Potentially. I think that is the one part that is really interesting about being a family business owner is that you do have, theoretically the potential that goes beyond just a salary; that’s the part that’s exciting about it, that’s the financial side. However, there is the concept of the equation of risk and reward and I think that is something to also remind them is that yes, I have the potential for an upside but I also have the reality that if the check doesn’t come in there’s nothing behind me. There is no guarantee. There is tremendous downside potential and then you get into liability and whether or not you sign as a personal guarantor on the loan for the building and all the rest of that stuff. If you get a chance and if you want to do it, it’s kind of nice for those of you out there running family businesses to spread the word that we are human beings too. And let them know that it is open to both good and there’s some bad and yet somehow, we’ve been everywhere man. This is Got Family and we are telling stories form the crossroads of business and family.